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R. Barão do Triunfo, 612 - sala 2306 - Brooklin - São Paulo - SP - 01212-010


Bond strength of a universal bonding agent and other contemporary dental adhesives applied on enamel, dentin, composite, and porcelain

Mechanical reliability of air-abraded and acid-etched bonded feldspar ceramic

Effects of different polishing systems on the surface roughness and microhardness of a silorane-based composite

Ceramic strengthening by tuning the elastic moduli of resin-based luting agents

Mechanical reliability of ceramic FPDs prepared using the CAD-on technology

Influence of Different Mechanisms of Fluoride Release from Adhesive Systems

Enamel bond strengths of a multi-mode adhesive compared to other contemporary bonding systems

18-year survival of posterior composite resin restorations with and without glass ionomer cement as base

Factors affecting the color stability and staining of esthetic restorations

Masking Colored Substrates Using Monolithic and Bilayer CAD-CAM Ceramic Structures

Reabilitação Estética em Dente Anterior Traumatizado - Relato de Caso - A Violência de Gênero nas Religiões Afro-Brasileiras

Flexural strength and reliability of monolithic and trilayer ceramic structures obtained by the CAD-on technique

Reliability and failure behavior of CAD-on fixed partial dentures